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My website receives or sends a lot of spam, now what? Print

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If your website has been misused for sending spam, this can have various causes. Below you will find an overview of the most common problems and the ways in which you can solve them.

Are you not at home in creating or managing a website? Then ask someone in your area or a website maker for help.


A contact form is available on many websites. Such forms can be filled in and sent automatically if they are not (sufficiently) secured. Malicious parties eagerly use this to send spam.

You can prevent abuse of the contact form on your website by securing it with reCAPTCHA. Below is an overview of manuals with which you can activate reCAPTCHA on the most commonly used contact forms.



Pay attention! Simple protections in which a visitor has to make a calculation or retype letters and numbers are not enough.


On a website created with WordPress, visitors can leave comments on articles and pages. These responses can be written and sent automatically, resulting in a large amount of spam messages.

For new articles and pages, you can easily prevent abuse of the comment form by disabling the functionality in WordPress. You do this by following the steps below.

  • Go to Comments in Settings .
  • Remove the check mark in Allow ... respond to new articles .
  • Click Save Changes .

The above setting does not affect existing articles or pages. You have to disable the reaction option for each separately. You do this by following the steps below.

  • Click on Pages .
  • Click Quick Edit on a page .
  • Remove the check mark to allow comments .
  • Click Update .

You can also perform the above actions on messages via Messages .

If you still want to give visitors the opportunity to leave a comment, the comment form must be secured. You can do this by activating the Google reCAPTCHA plugin from BestWebSoft .

Pay attention! If you use a caching plug-in, you often have to delete the cache first to make reCAPTCHA visible on your website.


WordPress and Joomla! provide the ability to register users. These forms can also be filled in and sent automatically. Because a registration is linked to an e-mail, this is an effective way to send spam.

If it is not necessary that people can register with your website as a user, you can disable this functionality. For this you can follow the steps below.


  • Click on Settings .
  • Remove the tick can register groups .
  • Click Save Changes .


You can visit the Joomla! read how to disable user registration .

Is it important to you that people can register as a user? Read the manuals below to secure the registration form with reCAPTCHA.

Pay attention! Activate reCAPTCHA on all types of forms.

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