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How to pay with Bancontact? Print

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Why did I get here?

Paying with Bancontact is simple to use. Since our services are recurring services (Monthly, Quarterly and Annually). We have to make usage of our credit system. This way we can ensure that Bancontact is always available through the PayPal module.


Adding credits to your account

We will begin with going to your My Cubes Client Area to start adding credits to your account. You can do this by clicking on the "home" button since we already left the invoice.


You will now be redirected to the Client Area where you will find Manage Credits. You will click on the "Add Credits" button so we can add credits on your account.


You will now be redirected to the Add Credits page. Here you can fill in the amount that you would like to deposit and select your payment method.


When finished click on the "Purchase Credits" button. It will create an invoice where you can select your prefered payment method through PayPal's smart buttons. PayPal will now ask for additional information and will rout you trough the process.

  • Payment Methods are based on your location. Buttons will change depending on your location.
  • Payment Methods may not always be available due to PayPal restrictions.

When finished you will be redirected to the invoice if payment was successful you will now see "PAID" on the invoice. We will now scroll down on the page until we find "« Back to Client Area". Click on this link to go back to the "Invoices Page". We will now click on the unpaid invoice that you would like to pay with your newly purchased credits. It will redirect you to the invoice.


On this page, there will be a new box called Apply Credit. Fill in the amount that you need to pay and then click on "Apply Credit".


If there was enough credit to pay for the invoice you will be redirected to the order confirmation page. If there is not enough credit the credit will be applied and you will be asked to complete the order through PayPal directly or perform this process again.

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