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Cubes Hosting values the hard work of students. Students should not rely on flimsy servers with limitations. 


What does Cubes Hosting offer?

We offer students a 15% discount on all Web Hosting and VPS plans. For a maximum of 1 year that needs to be re-verified every year.


How can I verify myself as a student?

There are two ways we can verify you are a student. This first method would be to send an email to support@cubes.host from a .edu email address. The second method is to send an email to support@cubes.host with a screenshot of an enrollment paper or screencap from a valid schools website that shows your name, schools name and your grades or schedule.


How can I use my Discount?

You will receive a personal discount code that will offer you 15% off select products at Cubes Hosting. You will also be placed in the student client group so we can keep track of your account.


What are the rules?

  • No commercial usage for products purchased with student discount. (We provide the ability to change the product to a normal product if you changed your mind for a 15% upcharge).
  • Sharing your account with other people is not allowed for the duration of your student discount.
  • Sharing your discount code is not allowed.


What happens if I break these rules? Your discount will become invalid and your product expiry dates may be lowered with a maximum of 15%.



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