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IP Forwarding in BungeeCord Print

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By default, servers connected under BungeeCord will not display the IP of the player, but rather the IP of the BungeeCord server, since BungeeCord acts as a proxy and sits in between the player and the server they are connected to.

For the server to correctly identify the player's IP address, IP forwarding needs to be enabled.


  1. In your BungeeCord server, locate the config.yml file on the root directory and ensure that ip_forward: true
  2. In your Spigot servers, locate the spigot.yml file on the root directory and ensure that bungeecord: true
  3. Restart the Spigot servers and BungeeCord proxy to ensure that IP forwarding is enabled.

If you see the error  If you wish to use IP forwarding, please enable it in your BungeeCord config as well! , this would suggest you are connecting directly to the Spigot server instead of the BungeeCord server. You should always connect to your BungeeCord server IP. If you wish to connect to a server directly within your network, you can use the forced_hosts configuration option in your BungeeCord config.yml file.

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