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Last updated 07-08-2022 20:40 (dd-mm-yyyy).

Refund Terms

Every newly purchased service from Cubes Hosting is offered with a forty eight (48) hour money back guarantee from time of purchase under the following circumstances:

  • The service is a Discord Bot Plan or Game Hosting Plan, Virtual Private Server or Webhosting Plan.
  • The service has not been used for commersial purposes.
  • During usage of the service the Terms of Service or any relevant document relating to the service may not have been broken.
  • The service has not been paid by Crypto Currency, Tokens or other Digital Assets.

A refund may also be given if you have a faulty service or order the wrong product. When these issues are found you can contact us and we will look into the issue. If we find that this issue is valid, we will offer either a full refund, a partial refund, a refund in credits or solve the issue and add the lost time to the service at our own discretion We also maintain the right to substract transaction costs from any refund.

We will not offer any refunds for any My Cubes Balance (Funds) purchase, bought or transfered Domain Names and any third-party service that we are selling that is not directly related to Cubes Hosting and its services. Any purchase made with My Cubes Balance (Funds) can only be refunded in My Cubes Balance (Funds).

We maintain the right to deny or resolve any refund requests at our discretion. To request a refund the client must create a ticket on My Cubes Hosting or Discord Ticket Support any other method is not accepted. A forced chargeback or PayPal case may end up in full termination or suspention of your account with services and you will be blacklisted from using our services in the future. We maintain the right to charge €25 to 50 EURO in administration costs to remove your account from our blacklist. We also maintain the right to send a collection agency to recovery any lost funds from a chargeback.

When a refund is granted Speetjens Media will return the refund in under 14 business days.